Our commitment extends far beyond our medicines. We are dedicated to operating in a way that recognizes the interconnection between business growth, the needs of society, and the limitations of our planet. We have integrated sustainability into every aspect of our enterprise to help future-proof our business. Our sustainability priorities in Access to Healthcare, Environmental Protection, as well as Ethics and Transparency support the delivery of our business strategy. We do this through a combination of partnership development, philanthropy, advocacy, thought leadership, and volunteerism.

Our Priority Areas

For us, sustainability is about using our capabilities to make the most meaningful impact where society needs it — health. We know the health of people, the planet, and our business are interconnected, each impacting the other. Putting health at the heart of our work, our sustainability strategy is built around three pillars: Access to Healthcare, Environmental Protection, and Ethics and Transparency.

Giving Back To Our Communities

Donations To Patient Associations

In Belgium, we have a long-standing history of working with patient associations, also referred to as patient groups. These associations contribute to the well-being of patients and their caregivers by offering support in navigating the often complex world of healthcare. They provide services such as disease and prevention awareness, support groups, and caregiver assistance. We collaborate through a variety of activities with patient associations and are committed to working ethically and transparently with each of them.

Sustainability Report

We use our capabilities to make the most meaningful impact where society needs it – Health.